Interior for Regina Rex   (recto - Aluminum Poetry - A. Will Brown)  offset lithograph printed on neenah astrobrights paper  17x11 inches   2016
  Untitled (AR 265-282 May 81)   letterpress on Somerset textured paper  (black suite)  plate 8.25 x 5.75  paper 15 x 11 in  2015
   Untitled (F10/22/47)     silkscreen over photocopy and laser-print, (printed on each side)    11x17 inches each    2012
  Untitled (F10/22/47)   silkscreen over photocopy and laser-print  17x11 inches each  2012
  Untitled (Hotzestrasse 23) -   Variable Cover Pages   standard tabloid newsprint with silkscreen additions   14x22in (open)  2013
   Untitled (AiA129)    silkscreen ink and gesso on panel  8.5x11 inches  2010
  Untitled (11/11/06 -10/25/08)   silkscreen over folded newsprint broadsides (gallery announcements)   22.5x15 inches   2008-2010